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Officially called the Sultanate of Oman, the country is the oldest continuously independent state in the Arab world. Oman has a very strategic geographic location at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, with its capital Muscat having a long history and tradition as a trading centre.

Oman’s economy, like most of the countries in the region, is heavily dependent on the oil and gas industry, with this sector accounting for 30% of its GDP. The country has a population of 4.5 million people, and the key cities in the country are Muscat, Salalah, and Sohar.

Oman - GDP Growth Rate (%)
Oman GDP Growth (%)
Source: IMF
Oman - MSM30 Index
Oman - MSM30 Index
Source: Bloomberg

Stock Market:

The Muscat Securities Market was set up on 21st June 1988 and changed its name to Muscat Stock Exchange “MSX” on 5th January 2021. The main index of the exchange is the MSM-30 Index which consists of the thirty most liquid names listed on the exchange. The MSX has 113 company listings and a market capitalization of USD 35.5 billion as of October 2023. The trading week is from Sunday to Thursday.

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Population: 4.5m 

  • Strategically located near Persian Gulf sea lanes
  • Important oil and gas producer in the region