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About AFC Uzbekistan Fund

The AFC Uzbekistan Fund was launched on 29th March 2019 and aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation for investors by capturing the value and growth potential in the recently liberalized economy of Uzbekistan. As the government pursues an ambitious privatization reform of all non-core assets and enterprises, it is anticipated that there will be a marked increase in secondary and primary listings on the Tashkent Stock Exchange, helping it to rebound from a near decade of dormancy which resulted in the significant undervaluation of listed companies today. The AFC Uzbekistan Fund is therefore designed to offer investors high returns from growth in the equities market of Uzbekistan whilst offering a portfolio that has a low correlation with global equity markets, with an investable universe consisting of listed companies that have their principal business activities in Uzbekistan as well as foreign listed companies that have the majority of their business in countries bordering Uzbekistan. The AFC Uzbekistan Fund is managed under the executive leadership team of Thomas Hugger and Scott Osheroff.

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