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Although one of the few remaining one-party communist states, the Laotian government’s attempts to decentralize control of the economy and encourage private enterprise starting in 1986 have resulted in an annual growth rate of 6% from 1988-2008. Laos’ economy has maintained consistently high GDP rates due to strong growth among its main trading partners in the region, particularly China. High prices on the global commodities market have improved foreign interest in Laos’ extractive sector prospects, and foreign mining companies are increasing production and looking to attain additional concessions. Laos looks to benefit from an increase of agriculture production, which accounts for 33% of GDP and employs 75% of the population, as large swaths of land have been leased to foreign investors for greater agricultural development. Since December 2011, the Laotian government has pursued efforts to promote entrepreneurship as the basis for economic growth by initiating a USD 2 million small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) development fund with priority given to agricultural processing companies.

Laos - GDP Growth Rate (%)
Laos - GDP Growth Rate (%)
Source: IMF
Laos - LSXC Composite Index
Laos - LSXC Composite Index
Source: Bloomberg

Stock Market:

The Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) was officially opened on the 10th October 2010 with technical and financial support from South Korea. After signing a MOU on 19th September 2007 between the Bank of the Lao PDR and the Korean Exchange (KRX) the Securities Markets Establishment Committee started to work on the project of launching a stock exchange in Laos on 22nd January 2008. The first two stocks, EDL Generation  (EDL) and Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur (BCEL) started finally trading on 11th January 2011. The  LSX, headquartered in Vientiane, is 51% owned by the Bank of the Lao PDR and 49% by the Korean Exchange. The LSX  has currently 3 brokerage member companies and lists currently 10 stocks:

Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao (BCEL): the country’s largest bank
Website: http://www.bcel.com.la/bcel/?lang=en 

EDL Generation-Public Company (EDL): a subsidiary of the state-owned energy company Electricite du Laos
Website: http://www.edlgen.com.la/index.php?lang=en 

Lao Agrotech Public Company (LAT):  an agricultural company was listed on 25th September 2018
Website: http://laoagrotech.com/en/ 

Lao ASEAN Leasing Public Company (LALCO): a leasing company was listed in September 2019
Website: http://lalco.la

Lao Cement Public Company (LCC): a cement producer was listed on 2nd March 2018
Website: http://www.laocement.com

Mahathuen Leasing Public Company (MHTL): a leasing company was listed on 18th September 2018
Website: http://www.mahathuen.com

Petroleum Trading Lao PCL (PTL): a petroleum trading company was listed on 9th December 2014 
Website: http://www.petrotradelaos.com 

Phousy Construction and Development Public Company (PCD): a construction company was listed on 11th October 2017
Website: https://pcdlao.com/

Souvanny Home Centre Public Company (SVN): a building material and home improvement products company with shops all over Laos. Trading started on 11th December 2015
Website: http://www.souvanny.com/ 

Vientiane Center Lao Public Company (VCL): a shopping mall in Vientiane was listed on 4th June 2019
Website: N/A

The LSX has a total market capitalization of USD 703 million as of April 2024.

Price Quotes:

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LAT: Quote

LCC: Quote

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PCD: Quote

PTL: Quote 

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Useful Links:

Lao Securities Exchange website: www.lsx.com.la


Population: 6.4m

5 Year average GDP Growth: 7.6%

Agriculture as % of GDP: 33%

  • New-found mineral wealth is transforming this traditionally agrarian economy
  • Increased global commodity prices are driving growth
  • Large and growing hydro-electric base
  • Government is promoting investment in SMEs